I need HELP!!

Paola • ✨ 👶🏻✨ MOM to 1st baby >5 years Trying || 🙏🏼💪🏼

This is mostly directed at Canadians but any suggestion does help.

My husband and I struggled over 5 years to get prego, finally this July we finally hit the lottery. Currently 32 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby ever, due March 29th.

My hubby and I live in Edmonton, Alberta and are currently working online (teachers), different programs.

I am only on a contract basis and basically just started working, I will not get maternity leave, and I don’t get paid nearly as much (no benefits).

This past week my hubby’s boss said that because Covid cases came down in the community he works at, it was back to actual school, which he has to go back to officially next week (4 hours away), meaning he has to leave me by myself.

As a backup plan in case this where to happen we were planning for my parents to fly in from abroad to be with me and support me through the end of my pregnancy and perhaps even labour. Tickets where bought long time ago and where for them to arrive third week of feb.

So, with last weeks new travel restrictions, parents wont be able to come and help me, leaving me absolutely alone!

I feel like I am spiralling down with all of this.

Hubby can ask for parental leave and be with me until baby comes, but the problem is he wouldn’t be earning as much and we would fall back on rent and car payments since his paycheque pays for most bills, specially big ones. If he where to go on parental leave he has to apply for EI, cutting his paycheque by half.

We can’t afford that really.

I was reading exceptions for abroad travellers, but I am not sure if I am even considered medically in need of support, to be able to even try and have my parents here.

I need suggestions on what to do or how to deal with this, I have had little sleep over this situation. It’s really affecting me 😔.