Young moms


Hey guys I’m 17 y/o and I think I may be pregnant. It’s been 7 days since he nutted in me. And according to my periods I would have ovulated on the 14th and he ejaculated in me on the 15th. Shortly after we finished, I have mild cramping and this continues for every day. Some other symptoms I have are slight nausea, back pain, my cm is egg white color and it a lot. I’ve been tired and drained lately and I’m not a person to normally take naps. And I’m a picky eater and usually don’t eat unless I have the munchies and I literally been eating everything I see. I had a little bit of bright red spotting. And my nipples are really sensitive. * and my cramps aren’t period cramps it’s a gurgling stomach with also a sharp pain on both sides. All the test I’ve taken were negative but I just need someone to obsess over my two week wait with me. PLEASE SOME TEXT ME ON SNAP: itsme.marii2 or my insta amaree_6