Would it be weird?

Is it weird for a 19 year old (f) and 22 year old (m) couple to go to couple’s counseling?

We’re about to have our first baby in a month, been together 4 years, he has bipolar, I was “unofficially diagnosed” with BPD (the therapist I was seeing said I was too young for a diagnosis), we both have complicated family backgrounds, we have gone through a LOT together and I feel like while we both genuinely care about and love each other, we both can be a little toxic to each other. Nothing extreme, otherwise I’d put my son first, but we break up over dumb stuff and then get back together like same/next day, we both say things we regret, he’s lied about stupid stuff, really just high school shit that I want to stop.

I have brought this up to my boyfriend about a year and a half ago and he said he felt it would be weird bc of how young we are. Lately he says he wants to step up to try to change for myself and our son, wants to get engaged and buy a house, but I honestly feel like we still fall into the same patterns.

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