Very stressful situation

So my fiancé is an artist, he got in trouble last year because he asked for help to several girls and boys for anatomy drawings. To clarify he didn’t asked for naked pictures and always told them to do whatever they felt comfortable with.

This drawings were for his own study he didn’t even posted them without consent from the people he asked help from. So last year, this girl blasted him on twitter saying she never got her drawing and that she felt used. Later she admitted that she was laying and she indeed got the drawing but we noticed that a lot of our “friends” were laughing about the situation and they were all talking behind our backs.

I know this is a sensible topic, but my fiancé literally sent a message to every single person he asked for help and most of them told him that they never felt obligated or uncomfortable and that they loved his drawings. My fiancée not only used to draw anatomy, he literally draws anything cartoons, portraits, artists etc.

He’s very talented but this situation made him not want to draw again.

What’s even more hurtful is all the gossip and misunderstanding that our “friends” talked behind is back without asking him first to clarify the situation.

I just wanted to vent, since I’m having a lot of intrusive thoughts and anxious attacks even if it was a year ago and everything was clarified.

I’m starting therapy tomorrow because this anxiety attacks not only happen with this situation but with a lot things that are happening in my life right now ☹️

Thank you for reading!