Extreme tantrums


I honestly do NOT remember my oldest throwing fits like Elliott does. She FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. Im so happy we have our own place because I swear if we still lived in our old apt we would have had the cops called on us bc she is 😱🤬😡 all 👏🏼the👏🏼time👏🏼She has been screaming her head off, banging her body on the floor (after tenderly laying her head down of course), and just crazed. Why? Oh. She couldn’t sit on Calvins head, she didn’t want her dinner and threw it so she didn’t get her “dessert” (she gets a chocolate chip if she eats dinner) umm my husband washed her hair- that is the current one.

This is normal, yes?🥴

Can covid be over so we can have a play date? Bc you guys are my only friends 🙃