Fertility breakfast!


This is day one of my fertility diet- I'm focusing more on well balanced meals with good carbs, healthy fats, and incorporating fruit and/or veg into every meal I eat! This is my favorite breakfast option because it's so quick and easy- just the orowheat thinsliced 22 seed bread toasted with a tablespoon of ricotta cheese, a microwave poached egg, and some cherry tomatoes on the side! And of course, gotta have the everything but the bagel seasoning that Pinterest got me hooked on, lmao. Also not pictured is my suppository sized prenatal! I had weightloss surgery so this a a good sized portion for me but you can totally double this if needed (or maybe do two eggs to one toast- it's surprisingly filling!)

Stats for this meal:

Protein- 11g

Carbs- 16g

Fiber- 3g

Sugar- 5g

Fat- 8g

And this meal is a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin d, folic acid, and selenium!