So my husband and I are married and living on our own, my grandmother lost her son (my uncle) a few years ago, and my mom lives 12hrs away so she’s pretty lonely so she comes and picks up her great grand dog ( our dog, Thena) and spends a few hours with her about 2-3 times a week. It’s seemed to really help her mental health a lot so we don’t have an issue with it. But my grandmother showed up unannounced with some new toys for Thena and I guess we had forgotten to lock the front door and she walked in and saw us having sex on the living room floor. She waited for us to get dressed and then tried to scold us on how we shouldn’t have sex unless we are trying to get pregnant (which we are not). She grew up with the mentality that even husbands and wives don’t sleep in the same bed unless trying to conceive. We just fake agreed to avoid a fight with her and she took Thena to the park for a few hours. My husband just laughed it off, but I am so so so embarrassed. We have over and over discussed boundaries and call before you come over but she just doesn’t seem to understand. I have no clue what to do. Any ideas? I don’t want to hurt her feelings or anything but I can’t be having my grandmother walking in on my husband and I.