Nervous First Time Mom (vegan, rural)


Hi all! I got a positive this morning (12DPO) then took another test to confirm. Due Nov 5 :) I'm a first time Momma and could use some advice and would love to hear your experiences.

I currently live in rural Victoria, Australia. I was hoping to find a female OBGYN here (we just moved). No luck at the moment. So… have you had good/bad experiences with male OBGYNs? Also, when is the norm for booking the first check-in and ultrasound? And if you live rurally, how far did you travel for an appt?

Also, I've been vegan for over a decade. I'm quite nervous of being bullied by an OBGYN (bad experience with a previous doctor). My GP has okayed me for a vegan pregnancy, I get blood work done thrice a year, I track nutrients, and take prenatals and DHA-EPA Omega 3. Are any of you vegan? How has your experience been? I'm hoping good! But if not at least I can mentally prepare 😅

Thank you so much in advance!!! So happy to be 3w6d into this journey 💕