Prayers Warriors Please

Please I ask that you pray for my broken marriage. My baby is 8 months old. I have told my husband that divorce is not on the table for me. He has not served me papers. He has threatened before but doesn’t go through, but it hurts all the same. He left to stay at a different place since Saturday. No word on when he is in returning. Thank goodness I have his parents here to help as I moved to a different country for him.

I told him I don’t want a divorce. I want him as my husband. And that I’m sorry and love him. He has said nothing. Only asked for pictures of the baby. Since I want to fix our problems (communication- nothing more) I am sharing pics and being nice. He responds with only thanks and my first name. Very cold and very short.

He is calling me by my first name and he never does that. He deactivated his Facebook and took the family pic profile down on WhatsApp and replaced with a painting. Juvenile but I know it is to hurt me.

I just need answers and guidance in these times of uncertainty. I am lost, feel left in the dark, my anxiety is through the roof and feel sick/can’t sleep. I am praying every time I have these waves of sadness hit and asking for peace and answers (even if it is not the answer I want so I know what direction to go). The ball is in his court. I have no control and it’s not fair that I am just sitting here waiting. Please pray for me as I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. I do not want my baby to feel my sadness either. Trying to fake it til I make it as best as I can.

Thank you for reading all of this and please no harsh comments or judgments. I just need lots of prayers and good vibes sent this way. I will post an update if I hear anything. ❤️🙏🏼😞