These Doctors Scaring Me Man


I was born in New York with a congenital heart defect called Double Inlet Left Ventricle. It is more common in males than it is females and 5 out of 100,000 babies are born with it. Many females with this condition don’t or usually can’t get pregnant and I did .. with that being said I had 3 open heart surgeries when I was a baby , I had immediate surgery and then my last one at the age of 3. I’m currently 20 years old. I got ekg’s , eco’s and stress tests every year of my life. In July of 2020 I moved to Louisiana and had to find a new cardiologist... and then September 2020 I found out I was pregnant , with our first 👶🏽. I didn’t actually end up getting a cardiologist until February 2021 , but I did visit New York November of 2020 and met with my original cardiologist , where he checked my heart and everything was fine. That’s another thing ADULT CARDIOLOGIST DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS CONDITION IS. If you’re child or you have a condition like this you have to go to a pediatric cardiologist. Long story short I saw my cardiologist today in Louisiana where he found a small leakage in my heart , most likely caused from my pregnancy. The good thing is though , he did mention that the few women with the same condition as me that get pregnant, I look better at 26 weeks than they did. That they would usually start having problems at 20 weeks and I just started with problems at 26 and nothing major at that. That the leakage will most likely go away once the baby is born. My boyfriend is now paranoid that they will try to give me unnecessary heart surgery after our baby is born. I feel great though and I look good and the doctor even said that I had excellent surgery and my heart function is remarkable. I have no chest pains , no heart pains .. nothing. Maybe it’s caused from me stressing but how could I not when our baby girl has heart problems of her own , very minor but I want her to healthy and safe as well 👶🏽❤️