Most relieving thing I’ve heard in a bit TMI GROSS


Sooooo, y’all. TMI GROSS

I posted the other day about how I was freaking out because my ex gave me chlamydia and before I went to the doctor I had no symptoms of anything. I was getting myself tested just to be safe, and to my shock I was positive for chlamydia.

So I go and take the antibiotics to knock it out.

Then a few days in.. so much yellow DISGUSTING puss like discharge is making it’s way out. ALOT of it. Everytime I wiped i wanted to gag.

It’s finally Monday so I called my gynecologist and explained everything and how I was worried the antibiotics weren’t working. He said because I’m so petite the dosage was perfect for me, and all that puss discharge is the dead bacteria leaving my body. It has to go somewhere and this is how it gets out.

It is INSANE that my uterus/vagina was so infected and I had ZEROOOOO symptoms. Nothing. Nada. I had a full blown sexually transmitted infection for weeks because my boyfriend cheated on me and if I hadn’t of found out about him, I would still be all infected inside with thick yellow puss.

The discharge stopped today thank you god. Maybe that’s all that had to come out.

IM STILL SO PISSED AT MY EX. I know he may not have known that he had chlamydia.

But we were in a 7 year long committed relationship.

He still chose to have sex with another woman with no protection. He is a grown fucking man. He knew he put not only himself at risk but put ME at risk too. If I didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford an std screening, he would have made me fucking infertile. Chlamydia scares up your Fallopian tubes.

Apparently the much older very rich woman that shared this chlamydia with me and my ex because she was fucking him, lost interest in him and he’s all alone and single. I called his very best friend in the world and told him to tell my ex that he gave me chlamydia and needs to see a doctor before he ruins some poor girls fertility.

But I’m good. I’m good. I am happy that these antibiotics are doing their job. I’m remaining abstinent, if I meet someone new there WILL be a mandatory STI/STD screening for both of us.

Don’t have the money to it? I’m not having sex with you. I’m not catching anything else ever and I’m making sure of it. I am LUCKY that it’s just chlamydia, could have been HIV or herpes.

If he had given me an incurable disease, I would have hunted him down and beat his ass. I loved you and did everything for you including keeping a roof over your head and you ruin my health like this because you can’t control your pecker? He’s so lucky that it’s just an infection.