Welcome home baby girl


We welcomed home baby Isabel Jaelyn, 6 days ago... best gift my dad sent us from heaven.. both my teens and I couldn’t be anymore happy... she has come into our family in the perfect time.. 6 months after my dads passing, something that I honestly thought would have killed me if I wasn’t pregnant at the time.. he left this world not knowing that I was expecting, but once he got to heaven, god told him and they both helped me get thru the pain I was feeling...

At times I feel so overwhelmed.. and I cry, cry like a lil girl... Why tho... I should be happy... but honestly I feel alone.. I do have help.. both my teens 15 yr old.. 11 yr old.. help me so much.. my mom is here as well, family members too... but still feel alone in this... I don’t have the father helping me.. last I heard from the father was the day she was born.. he said and I quote “ if recommended, I will sign over all rights to that child”

I should get over this, right??