Separation and exes child’s mother

Okay, I’ll try to sum this up the best I can.

My daughters (2.5) father and I split up 9 months ago, I was with him for 5 and a half years. He has a son from a previous relationship whom is 10.

Our separation reason: he did a 360 when I got pregnant and yes, she was very much planned and we even had fertility issues (my end) anywho, I became pregnant and I was filled with joy! He went from sweet, caring, fun and happy to rude, narcissistic, making my days harder on purpose. He was always angry, yelled and called me names. Found out he cheated at her gender reveal but I stayed. Fast forward to 9 months ago, I left to work and never went back. I was just not in the right mind set, I’m doing great now! Two jobs, my own place, supporting my daughter and I by myself and I’m proud.

My exes sons mother never liked me, it was war from day one despite my constant efforts to be cordial for the son. I went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable with me being around her son consistently, I get it, a new women around someone’s kid! It’s scary! So I put fourth to show I would be nothing but awesome for him. We became alright! She stopped yelling at me, calling me names and doing things in spite so I was happy.

The early part of our separation was rocky, he didn’t want me to leave him but refused to work on himself and admit to any faults. He’s living in his sisters basement witch is a full apartment and he’s doing this to save for another house by himself. His family and I do not get along, his fathers a drunk and without my knowledge, he was watching my daughter while I worked because everyone said it would be great and cheaper for us, she ended up in the hospital after getting into what I’m going to assume was alcohol. He was never to be alone with her again and if I had it my way, he’d never even see her again but his family came into his defence. They made my life hell but that’s another story! Now that I’m in my own place, my daughters father has been coming around and he’s been staying some weekends with both of his kids, I opened my home up happily to them! I just go to my moms when they’re here! I get to check in periodically because we live in the same building so it’s working and we’re getting along as co parents. Now his sons mom went wild on me.

She’s been harassing both of us. This lady tried calling child services on us before because my ex wanted more time than just weekends and she said no because she needs the child support and he offered to continue to pay the same amount no matter what so she called FAX and said we neglected the son, beat him up, would call him names and none of these things we even the slightest bit true, we moved passed it and just let it go, they called and talked to us, the son and his ex and concluded it was all fine in our home. Before I left me ex, he was hanging with her and I caught him a few times. I don’t mind them doing family stuff together, I fully supported it! I did nothing but try to make them be better co parents and always tried doing stuff like park days, hikes, pizza dinner night and have her over so he still was able to experience the both parents doing stuff together but what got me is he lied to me multiple times on where he was late at night, I mean it’s not rocket science, they were fucking, we stopped having sex when he started sneaking around. I never heard resentmentover it or caused any problems for either of them, if they’re happy then that’s great! I wish nothing but positivity for them! Any who, she was sending him messages saying she has proof I beat my step son and my daughter and just going off on him and me with threats and I’m not proud of this but I lost it. I called her and said she has no right to accuse me of these things! She has another child from another man who I baby sat for a year! Why would you leave your children in my custody multiple times a week if I abuse kids? Like whatever, I told her where to shove it and I’d be happy to have someone come through my home and check up on me I have absolutely nothing to hide. My daughters loved, cared for, happy and healthy. A few nights later someone keyed her car and let the air out of her tires and she’s blaming me! I was home with my daughter after working a 16 hour shift like the fuck, she keeps calling the cops and child services like this women needs to step the fuck back it’s so ridiculous and the kicker is, my ex doesn’t step up for me when she’s messaging him! Like I don’t need him to fight my battles but there’s literally nothing. Am I wrong for being sour about this?