My husband's best friend got cleared by her OBGYN

Me and my husband have had a super hard time trying to conceive... His best friend offered to be our surrogate because my husband donated sperm to her 10 years ago so her and her husband (he's trans) could have a baby. It was a lot of talking and thinking, but I agreed to it. Things kind of went even more down hill for me because I found out not only can my body not hold a pregnancy.... My eggs are no good.... As if I wasn't already feeling useless... So we had to decide if we are gonna use a donor egg... Or her egg... After some time we came to an agreement to use her egg since it would be cheaper. We could go the <a href="">IUI</a> route instead of the <a href="">IVF</a>. She has to sign a baby stating she's donating her egg to us which has already be drawn up by our lawyers. She had to speak to her OBGYN to get cleared and now she's cleared. We meet with our lawyers again Tuesday and she has an appointment for a psych evaluation Friday. It all is very overwhelming but at the same time... I feel like me and her are becoming closer. She was always mainly my husband's friend. We were never really friends but I feel like it's brought all five is us together. Me, my husband, her, her husband and their son(who my husband was a sperm donor to).