Hate my dr


I’m so sick of my dr. I had my 16 week appt today. My first appt I was 198lbs. My second 191

And today I was 193.

She told me in the beginning to only gain 5-10 lbs my whole pregnancy.

Then every appt I’ve got a lecture about not gaining too much weight. Like I get it! I’m working out! I’m eating right! I’m still actually down weight!

Then She tell me I shouldn’t be picking up my toddler? Umm that’s very old school information. Obviously I have to take care of my kid!

She’s also struggled to find the heart rate with the Doppler last time and this time. Then says it’s because I have too much fat around my abdomen...

My first pregnancy with my old dr, I was bigger and he never had an issue.

I left bawling because I’ve been trying so hard but it feels like it’s all about my weight...

Before I got pregnant I was on a weight loss journey and was down 20lbs! I was so proud of myself for making a lifestyle change.

Then she dismissively says. I don’t want you to lose weight, that’s a problem for after pregnancy...