Am I out for this cycle? (Final update!)

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I bought this ultra sensitive Pregnancy test and tested FMU cos it's my due for AF It says here that it can detect 10 days after intimacy so meaning it's really sensitive. So I woke up and tested negative still. Do I need to retest or this is enough proof that it's not my cycle? I'm still slightly cramping on and off and tried to have sex to hopefully induce my period but my cm is still white and creamy and no tinged of brown 🟤 what will I do now next? Do I need to retest or stop 🛑 thank you for your opinions ladies much appreciated..

UPDATE:I'm now 3 days delayed..super constipated but finally relieved today. Im experiencing cramping and still no sign of AF. Planning to buy again pregnancy tests to retest tomorrow

UPDATE: PT Result: Negative again. Feels like AF is coming but cm is now less creamy and watery with no discoloration. Cramping in the middle still @ 3 days late.

UPDATE: 4 days late still bfn. (It's fine I'm done crying lol) will test on 7th day late if still nada.

UPDATE: 6 days no af and bfn test using afternoon wee. I feel so full in my bladder. CM is now watery, nips not so painful now but sometimes there's stinging aches on and off.. will retest for the last 2 days then if it's negative..will expect my AF to come hopefully on the 9th missed period till 14..

UPDATE: tried to PT in the evening, with yellowish creamy cm. Feeling full in my uterus. I feel like I see a vvfl but not sure lol. Well tomorrow will see if I'm not hallucinating.

UPDATE: 7th day missed period and nada! I think this is it cm is again watery and nips not in pain now, no cramping and feels like a normal day so where are you AF? I need to pray for my next cycle if this is not my month. I already ordered ovulations tests and pregnancy tests for the next journey! AF please just come. Btw I just came off pills and had 2 AF last cycle.. so I'm thinking my hormones is confused? So I really need to see my new AF to fix my cycle dates..

UPDATE: 8-9 days no AF

Well Today I tried but nada! Tomorrow will find a YT video how to induce period lol. No special cramps so it means I m not really pregnant. My cm is again back to porridge like creamy something. I think my body is a bit confused cos of my BC last month. Well in the 14th day missed period will be the last test if still no AF.

UPDATE:I'm now 11 Days late and finally AF arrived! I'm not sad but actually happy! Cos it freed me from anxiety from waiting for nothing! Praise God he answered my prayer today so I can restart my ttc journey! I think this is my natural period now after coming off pills last month with 2 flow that messed up my cycle. Waiting for my package to arrive! Another set of ovulation test and PT for more accurate ttc! CD1 is today!!!!!!!! So happy to see my period. Lol