ignore me

i know this makes me sound like an asshole, but i really hate the way i look. so fucking much do i wish i didnt look the way i do. my sister took a photo of me earlier and it shocked me. I knew i was ugly but fucking hell, I actually winced. started breaking down crying, in awe of how one person could be so hideous. i genuinely pity anyone who has to look at me or volunteers to. i absolutely disgust myself. every part of me is just fucking disgusting. im sorry for the rant and i dont expect replies because what do you even say. just fucking hell. the fact that THATS what I look like and will look like forever mortifies me. the sad part is that i was really learning to like myself. love it even. I know that your body just carries you till your time comes but why didnt I get a better one. I'm so extremely hideous.