Dear incoming freshman


I graduated 7 years ago & at times I think back to my high school days and wish someone would have told me....

1. Join every club and sport freshman year. See what you like and make new friends

2. Read as much of the textbook before class starts so you have a little idea of what’s being taught so note taking isnt as stressful.

3. If a senior.. upper classmen says something along the lines of “you’re so mature for your age.” RUN! Cause you’re not. They are just immature or really creepy. No 17 year old should be wanting a 14 year old.

4. Sometime it really is them... that saying “it’s not you it’s Me” IS REAL! You have no clue the battles your classmates are going through.

5. Go to the dances! Go with friends! Don’t lose yourself to fit in!