Normal or signs of autism?

I'm asking on behalf of a family member.

Their son is 22 months. He says very few words or phrases: go, uh oh and up are pretty much it. He has used other words in the past but hasn't used them since. He doesn't repeat words and doesn't seem interested in learning new words. He still babbles but it isn't understandable. He does come from a bilingual house so this could be the delay - but in either language he doesn't seem to show much development in communication.

He has major tantrums due to limited vocabulary and people are unwilling to take him out without a pushchair because his meltdowns can be so bad.

He doesn't engage in any kind of pretend play. He does like lining blocks, cars and other toys up. He likes pushing cars around too.

His social skills are limited and he doesn't understand sharing at all - snatches toys etc and screams/hits when they are taken. I know he's still young so this on its own isn't an issue. He does like hugging other children but even when they are upset he'll continue.

He doesn't seem to respond to his name or other instructions. He pulls your hand if he wants to take you somewhere.

He walks on his tiptoes and has stated biting his nails.

Thoughts would be appreciated.