Scared ( pfizer shot+xray) and pregnant


I have just found out that I am expecting my third baby, and I am terrified.

Is not a good moment for a new pregnancy , my little one has just turned one yesterday, I am about to move to another country and I am going through a lot of stress.

Appart from that, I got my first pfizer shot the 5th of july ( just one day after my estimated ovulation) and I should get the second shot on monday. I don't even know if I should skip the second dose or not or if The vaccine will cause any harm to my baby.

The 21th of july I went to the dentist and they made me an xray ( I took a pregnancy test before going to the appointment and it was negative, so I assumed I wasn't pregnant).

Now I am really scared, because I feel that I have exposed my baby to too many risks and my husband has told me that we should consider abortion because of that.

I am very confused and don't really know what to do. Has anyone went through any similar situation?