Baby birth AFTER Covid vaccine


I’m 41, 9 weeks pregnant with my only “healthy” embryo on my second round of <a href="">IVF</a>. So far, everything is as it should be. As you can imagine, my hesitation in getting the vaccine is because I’m out of time and embryos. This will be my only child so taking a chance in either way is not an option. I’m not anti-vaccination, but treading carefully given my circumstances. I would have gotten the vaccine if it was available to me at retrieval, but it wasn’t available until just before transfer.

I’ve read about many women getting the vaccine and saying all is well with their pregnancy, but has anyone with the vaccine given birth yet? How old is baby, and how is baby doing so far?

I read Moderna is now enlisting for a clinical trial to follow mothers during their pregnancy and their baby for their first year of life to ensure it doesn’t develop any issues. Results will not be available until December 2022.