Taking pregnancy for granted

I've been TTC my second for about 2 years. I just finished my first round of clomid, so I have high hopes. I need to vent about other women who take their pregnancy for granted. My SIL is pregnant with her second and never stopped drinking with either pregnancy. She says it's just A glass of wine, but I've seen her drink every time I see her, I've seen her drunk and emotional with her first, and she didn't stop smoking completely either. She claims to have had 9 miscarriages in her life, but still continues to drink. If that happened to me I'd be so careful about what I'm eating and drinking. And I hate to say I don't believe her but... Who can do that with a clear conscience? It's just hard seeing women taking their pregnancy for granted.

She also demanded a baby sprinkle bc she "deserves it" and asked for stuff for her 3 year old on there. Like wtf.