Chemical pregnancy after IVF?

Brooke • TTC/IVF for Rainbow Baby #1, tubal infertility

Just curious how you guys think this might play out based on stories you've heard or experiences you've had ❤️

(I understand I'm not out yet but just wanting to engage with individuals who might want to guess at what is going on because I definitely don't know)

1dp5dt - nothing

2dp5dt - nothing

3dp5dt - nothing

4dp5dt - spotting

5dp5dt - light bleeding

6dp5dt - med/heavy bleeding (first + FRER)

7d5dt - med/heavy bleeding (darker + FRER)

8dp5dt - med bleeding (slightly darker + FRER)

9dp5dt - light bleeding (low 1st beta: 30.6)

10d5dt - spotting

11dp5dt - nothing

My 2nd beta will be tomorrow at 12dp5dt