How can we compromise ?

So my husband and I will be having a baby in a few weeks. I want to do things with him before the baby comes. But he is only off two days a weeks and works 11 hours a day. I know when he comes home he is tired. But when he is off sometimes I want to something like go out to the mall or just go out to eat. But he doesn’t want to do that so we just sit at home and he is mostly sleep or playing his game. Today we were supposed to go out to the mall so we can walk the baby down but he went to sleep. But when he woke up it wa too late and the mall close early since it’s Sunday. But he did promise we were supposed to go mall today and walk the baby down. But he has said before he would rather stay at home and rest on his days off. So I understand that so we just stay at home most of the time.

*I would rather go to the mall than the park because it’s so hot outside right now *