Sex injury/possible cyst?


I was having sex..& he was sitting, I was on top kind of grinding back and forth. It didn't hurt at all..but as soon as I got off..all of a sudden I got immense pain up my stomach. It hurt to stand up, and walking didn't feel to great. I debated on going to the ER, but decided if it still hurts the next day, then I'll go. Well next day comes, it hurts to press on my bladder/uterus, and it feels like a bladder infection(similar to when you have been holding your pee on a road trip and it starts to hurt) but doesn't hurt to pee and I peed a normal amount. I went to the ER, waited 4hrs w/o being seen, said fuck it. The next day (Saturday) I got these stabbing pains on my right side near my ovary. I have not bled at all, but I'm wondering if I maybe ruptured an unknown cyst? Those of you that have/had cysts what have your symptoms been?

Had ultrasound a year ago, it only showed small fibroids but no cysts. Doctor appt tomorrow.