Need advice on routine

Manda • Military wife with one angel and two beautiful boys

Our son has turned two on the 11th and a lot has set off our routine and everyone tells me I need a routine for my two year old for potty training tantrums and etc as such

But a lot keeps me off schedule like we have a

-baby brother coming in 2 weeks

-daddy has left for the army

-we moved in with my parents in a small house(7 ppl 4 rooms and 1 bathroom)

-we will be moving in November to another state

Idk how to set a schedule with all this chaos

Should I even be stressing about this or am I looking at this the wrong way

Update:tantrums daddy being gone longer and moving are still things I have trouble with OH but potty training is a must for my toddler he demands to go to potty but I’m scared he will loose all that training when brother comes he has a least done 1 pee 2 poops but no more since he is the one who wants to potty and sleep well I don’t have much trouble but nap times yes tantrum and kicking trying to hit my belly lord or mommy’s please more advice