BabyDaddy thinks he’s above the system (child support)


I’m so frustrated .. Idk why I even let this topic still bother me 10 years later. Anyways. I have a 10 year old son with a real piece of shit. Yes, I know chose him but STILL.🤦🏻‍♀️ I was young & real dumb. When I had my son his father was locked up for multiple DUS (Driving under suspension), so he missed his birth and everything. He never tried to help financially so 6 months later I put him on child support. ( he resents me for it). He’s ordered to pay 57$ a week which he doesn’t. He waits until he’s about 700 or more behind and gets called into court to make the payment. The 57$ was based on him NOT having a job back then & now he owns his own roofing company which is pretty successful. But he pays himself so I would never get a accurate amount of proof if I were to try to get a increase.... He’s never really been a active parent, but he’s had our son for a week now and all the sudden wants to hit me with (take me off child support) for the millionth time. We generally get along okay until money is involved. He never wants to help and thinks it’s not right he’s in the system. He thinks he should just pay me ..lmao but he can’t even pay up when court is involved and I’m suppose to take him off?!? Yeah. No. Anyways. Has anyone ever dealt with a moron like this?!? & did any of you take your child’s father for a increase in child support and it get approved?