Have your parents ever made comments about your weight?

My Dad and Mom have both always made comments about my weight.

Growing up I was the chubby girl and my dad would always tell me to go on diets, eat salads, eat one meal a day, middle school I thinned out due to an ED (anorexia nervosa) and that's the only time my parents were proud of me, even when I was in treatment centers they still encouraged me I only need one meal a day to survive.

I got pregnant in high school and got preeclampsia and gained 75 pounds. They both made constant comments about how I need to lose baby weight and not give in to cravings.

ED came back and lost 100 pounds. They were both proud of me.

Then last year after years of being "thin" my husband and I got pregnant (planned). Got preeclampsia again and despite eating good and walking I gained 80 pounds.

My parents have made comments since, my second is now 4 months old, my oldest 5. School shopping for my oldest and they're both so proud of how naturally skinny she is and still make comments about me needing to lose weight and pushing me back to ED thoughts.

Have you ever experienced this?

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