Stressful Marriage

You know whats crazy how u can do so much for a person and they still be ungrateful. Im so sad guys I wish my HUSBAND and I have to wrote it big cz unfortunately it is my husband. I wish my husband would just be good to me like he is so dry rude can be mean to me. I work FT go to school FT have two little girls and looking for another job on the side just to mke extra money and I dnt thnk he see’s tht as a reason to appreciate. I spend time with my girls so much take them out especially on weekends and aloneeee by the way like if i am a single mother. I am sad becz this is not how i wanted my marriage or family. I am bery happy girl I am super happy hard worker and work for my family but he just doesn’t see it this way. He lost his two older brothers about 5yrs ago back to back and maybe tht is wat caused it but stilll no reason to be disrespectful mean ignorant and cruel. I am being verbally abused called names for anything the most dumbest thing like being at my sisters house to help her with a project for her college and cz of tht im dumb or the dumbest btch nd he is just meann guyss! Yess i know maybe leaving him yes AGREED 100% but i try for my girls so they can have they’re family with them and as hurt i am I do love this man he is the father of my kids but I am not happy with him. I have even thought maybe I am just not the one for him and he needs to find someone to make him happy. I jus think he is depressed and doesn’t know what to do anymore. He has mental battles I believe since he gets mad all by himself just bu simply walking into his home. He is a greatttt awesome dad best dad anyone could imagine amazing but a husband who noone would want. I just wanted a friend someone to tlk to at night I have sooooo many things I want to tlk to him about like with my school bad day at workk anything but it is so hard to do tht with him he has to be in a good mood or wat I say is pointless or dumb or he will say i dnt even care anymore dnt even finish. Like wat i have to say means NTHN to him. Once he told me tht he is just waiting for me to do something and realize noone wants me at home. And ofcourse I defend my self and tell him but I also try to avoid a huge argument for the sake of my girls. I wanted my girls to be raised with a great husband figure in their home but sad to say it is not going that way. I will always let my girls know and understand that love is beautiful but with the right man. I wish sometimes we were separated just so I can be free not have to worry about wat to expect when he’s home I jist feel overwhelmed stressed im literally losing my hair cz of it. Oh nd if i cry I am putting an act like is this any reason to put an act is this not good enough to cry about!!??? Someone please telll me is it not!!? I am hurt and sad idk wat to do anymore. Any advice any thoughts anything ANYTHING!!!??