Over it 😭


Anyone else just over it at this point? I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and I’m so tired of waiting! 😫 I woke up this morning and just cried because I’m tired of waking up pregnant and I’m so frustrated!! I’m 39 weeks + 3 days today and so far I’ve had absolutely no signs of labor. And I’ve tried almost every natural remedy to try and get labor going but nothing has worked. I had a doctor appointment yesterday and asked my midwife if I could get my membranes sweeped and she told me no and that they only do it after 41 weeks. Ugh! 🙄 With my last pregnancy I had my daughter at 39 weeks and 2 days so I was fully expecting this baby to come before then but I guess he has his own plans. It’s just so upsetting seeing everyone around me have their babies already while I’m stuck pregnant with no end in sight……. Okay rant over 😢