It's always the good ones

I made a post talking my adult son and how he was a good kid but I asked of he's ever liked to !e and he said yes and I found out about all the bad stuff he used to do. Mainly sex and partying. At breakfast he opened up to me about how wasn't as good of a student as I though he was EITHER. He said he got sent home with SEVERAL disciplinary notes and forge my signature my signature! He said expecting a teen to ad!it their.own guilt is stupid and they should have just called you. He even said he got suspended once for skipping. Forge my signature and just spent a week going to the mall. He said he got all his crazy put early so he's just chill now, but Jesus. I'm sitting here thinking my kid is this amazing sweet shy good student but he was doing the MOST. He did ask me again "Still love me?" I said yes but I'm mad at you lol. I also told him don't tell any of my friends this because I bragged.on you way too much and he laughed.

@Bee Ikr! They just sent them home with notes for us to sign. He said it wasn't super often. More like once or twice a month