Tampon while swimming


Hi everyone!

I had never used a tampon before this week, but since my period came during my vacation with a friend, I bought some and started using them so i could swim. I began with the smallest size to get used to the feel, and wore one to the beach one day. After a while it started leaking, but luckily it wasn’t too much and i bought some bigger tampons (the tampax pearl regular) so that they would hold more blood. That night I used a regular size tampon and it lasted me a good six hours without overflowing. I wore one to the beach today. I swam for 2 hours, and when i got out, blood started gushing down my legs, much more than the previous day. I had spent around the same amount of time with a bigger tampon, yet there was more blood. It was really embarrassing. I assume the reason the tampon isn’t holding as much blood as when I’m not swimming is because it soaks up water? Does anyone have any tips? I cant even make it to the bathroom to change because the moment I get out it rushes down my leg.