Family not helping with daughter….

Backstory: I moved out of my moms home and went to college out of town at the age of 18. I haven’t lived in my hometown for 10 years and 5 of those, I lived out of state. When I had my daughter, my family (mom and sister) asked me to move back to my hometown and said that they would help my husband and I with our daughter. To be closer to my family, we made the difficult decision to move.

Present: I am not going to lie, as most families, my husband and I have been struggling as a result of the pandemic. Life simply isn’t the same but we are trying our best to have a sense of normalcy. I personally am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed with work and life. I love my daughter dearly and would give up my life for hers at any second but, she is a toddler and as many toddlers, she is active - which is beautiful BUT so tiring. My husband and I have been talking about maybe going on a 3 day vacation just the 2 of us out of my hometown. We wanted to leave my toddler behind because the reality is, it isn’t a vacation when you are traveling with children (in my opinion). Once my child is a little older, please believe that she will be coming with us almost everywhere! I asked my sister if she could take care of my daughter for 3 days during the week. Side note, my daughter attends daycare so this means that my sister would only be with my daughter 2.30 hrs a day for 3 days. My sister asked me a ton of questions and then gave me her opinion on how we should take our daughter with us and then told me that she wouldn’t take care of her. Y’all. While my daughter isn’t her responsibility, I am beyond hurt for two reasons.

1. I am asking for help.

2. Before I even thought about moving, she told me that she would help.

Am I wrong for feeling hurt?