No gestational sac?

Michaela • 20 | Jose 😽 | Alexandria born nov. 15 👣

To start off, I have no idea how far along I’m supposed to be. I had a miscarriage alittle over a month ago and got pregnant again somewhere in between. I found out I was pregnant 9 days ago and on that day my HCG was only 28. I got it checked back a little under 48 hours later and it’s 82, two days later it was 192 and 4 days later, at the hospital its 1600. I went to the hospital for spotting right after sex, just being alittle paranoid because of my miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and the dr specifically said “I don’t see any sign of pregnancy in your uterus” so no gestational sac or anything. I don’t know how far along I am but I do remember being able to see a gestational sac with my daughter and my hcg level was 1400. They said possibly etopic but aren’t really concerned about it. She said I may just be too early. She was freaking me out saying that she worried about etopic because my hcg is more than doubling (normal) but we don’t see anything. After she talked to my OB, she came back and seemed less concerned. They want me to come in for a repeat Hcg count. Does anyone have any experiences with anything like this? Good/bad outcomes? I literally couldn’t imagine loosing another one.