Husband hates me

My husband (he is 39) works, comes home, eats, takes a 2-3 hour nap, wakes back up and watches tv then it’s bedtime. It’s the same routine—if he misses his nap, he’s super rude. I’m just realizing this is likely hand in hand with his OCD thought process he was diagnosed with. (He won’t take medicine no matter how many times I or a dr suggest.. also it’s believed he has bipolar d/o.)

Well, he has been going off on me over unnecessary things lately. I can literally answer a simple question in the calmest voice and he will snap and say, “you don’t have to have an attitude about it” or if I am eating and he asks a question, and I don’t respond right away he will come back with “okay whatever ignore me” this morning he went totally off the deep end telling me that he hates me, hates looking at me, hates coming home, hates his life, hates everything about me pretty much. We were supposed to go somewhere today but I stayed home. He said “I’m taking my wedding ring off and talking to every single girl”

Now some would tell me oh he’s just upset about something and doesn’t mean it.... but why is he saying these hurtful things if it’s not meant?? We have been married for 3 years. He usually says things like I love you so much, I’d be lost without you and your daughter etc. it’s mentally draining....and very heartbreaking. I would never say those types of things and threaten divorce and say I would take my rings off either.