Decreased fetal movement, 23 wks

Baby has developed a movement pattern, usually goes crazy around 5am and at nighttime when I’m settling down with a few moves during the day, especially after eating.

Yesterday I didn’t feel him much. A few light kicks here or there. He never responds to pokes or light, still tried it but nothing. I also ate a popsicle and didn’t get much movement from him either.

I know kick counts don’t start until 28 weeks but it’s the sudden decrease that’s worrying me. The day before he was very active.

I may give it another day before calling the doctor just in case he’s having a lazy day. Has this happened to anyone? Do you think picking up an at-home fetal Doppler is a good idea? Trying to find one I can grab in store so I don’t have to wait. What do y’all think?