Fiancé wants me to kick roommate out


I’m in a bit of a pickle.

Back story: my fiancé is moving in with me. I purchased a house out of state that I moved into this last week. He moves in end of the month. He had a roommate who needed a place to stay as well with their lease being up soon so I’m renting out a room to him in my house. He had been living here for a month alone before I moved down.

Well a couple months ago the roommate started making sexual comments about me/at me. My fiancé obviously hates it but since we thought we needed the money, he still was ok with him moving in with us(and since then the comments have stopped). Here’s the issue. My roommate approached me today and told me that he likes my 2 dogs and is really pleased that they are potty trained and behaved but he is worried about my fiancé’s dog who is not well behaved nor potty trained. I do have a doggy door but we arnt sure how well she’ll take to it. He said if the dog poops/pees inside he will want to move out which is understandable. He continued to make comments how he wished my fiancé’s dog would just die, or jokingly said he wished my big dog wasn’t such a love bug and would kill her. Then he said he wants my fiancé to beat the living shit out of his dog so she would behave, to bring her inches to death. I stood up for the dog and he wasn’t happy that I “like” her. I brought this up to my fiancé because honestly that really bugged me and I’m not my roommates biggest fan in general. My fiancé says he wants him out and to give him a 30 day notice to leave because he took it to far with those comments.

Sure I have some issues with the roommate, all he does is complain about my house over little things like the paint is ugly and stuff like that. All that stuff I am in the process of changing anyway so It gets really annoying. He isn’t happy that I am also a female and 6 years younger then him and I’m his landlord. For the most part though he has been polite. He’s helped me mow my lawn and other chores around the house. He hasn’t yet found a job here, and most of his stuff is in his old apartment that my fiancé was going to bring down for him. My fiancé is very firm on kicking him out, but I’m nervous to do it because I’m way to kind and hate giving bad news to people. I am the landlord so I know I have to.

So how should I approach him? I need to do this today