My 18 month old is acting out so bad after bringing newborn home

Idk what to do. My daughter is my everything and I am a stay at home mom and obviously she was always extremely attached to me. She’s now 18 almost 19 months old and i knew it was going to be a big change for her bringing newborn home last week but it’s even worse than I thought. She loves the baby soooo much and always wants to kiss him and touch him but it’s the way she’s acting to me that’s the problem. She doesn’t want me really sometimes maybe but mostly she’s hitting me more often , ripping my hair , if we tell her no she just laughs about it and keeps doing whatever it is over and over. Idk how to handle it. She actually hurts me and when I react like ow she used to kiss me and hug me and realize and now she will just keep trying to hurt me