Relationship troubles


Hey guys,

My boyfriend treat me like gold… until… I mess up or do something that does not make him happy or it does not float his boat. I love him a lot and I am glad we got back together. Lately, his family seems to be getting along with me forgiving me for why me and him broke up.

Ok, so the first problem was when I did the dishes to help him out. The problem was, that I did not do the dishes correctly. I soaped the dish down with soap and water and had dirty dishes in both sides of the sink so I picked up the nozzle on the sink and squirted the dish with water. He said “stop” about three times and then the third time he said will you “f**** listen”. Yes, I should have listened, but it was over a dish and I wanted to help him.

The second problem was that we were at the wedding and we both were drinking and I wanted to go home after a few hours when the weeding was over. I texted my mothers friend to pick me up because I had to go home and take care of my dogs. That did not make him happy so I told my moms friend that I did not need and ride then 30 mins later I decided I do need to take care of the dogs because my golden retriever has anxiety and hates being alone. I asked my moms friend if she could pick me up. Then I told him I would like to go home ( he took that as I want him to take me home or there was miscommunication). He told me to come on and he will take me home. I then told him “no my moms friend is on the way” then he told me “I don’t give a f*** and get in the f***** car”

He then proceeded to tell me that I don’t act my age and I did not tell him the whole story.

Secondly, I had my moms friend on the phone all stressed out because I did not know what to do. She could hear the stress in my voice.

I wish I went with my mothers plan and let someone drive me to the wedding (not my boyfriend) and pick me up. But, once again, he was not happy with that plan. I understand a wedding is to be fun and that is why he invited me but I had priorities to tend to the dogs.

After the wedding he was to come to my house. I asked him repeatedly if he was still coming over and he said yes. Then just a little but ago the plans did a 360 and he did not come over. I called him because I was waiting on him after he texted me that he just got home and he was trying to sleep. I was a little confused on how I was supposed to know that and when he was going to tell me he was not coming over and he was sleeping. He said he needed sleep and hung up the phone.

I am really sick of being cussed at in the situations he does it ( for example, at the wedding he cussed at me in front of his father).

He treats me good and buys me everything I want. We get along like siblings do and always have fun together and I love him. The problem being is his actions suck.

I do not know what to do. I feel as if I marry him and I am not sure about it stuff will go down hill faster than a roller coster. I am picking a lot of my stuff up tomorrow.

I feel like a lot of people are going to say break up with him. Its not that easy considering he treats me like gold most of the time.