Toddler touching privates

Rowan • Anesthesiologists and Animal lover

I have a question for moms of older children/ toddlers specially girls.

My 2 year old has been touching her private area when I change her diaper and she will also grab near by things and put it on her private part. Yesterday she was snacking on some pretzels as I changed her diaper and she grabbed some pretzels and put it down there. Is this strange? Something I should be worried about? Her only caregivers and me and her father, he says he’s never seen her do that, but she’s done it to me multiple times, last week she did it with a coin when I left her diaperless for an hour. When she’s at his house I don’t know what goes on but I know it’s only him and his mom and I’m concerned at why she does this and why they haven’t seen it.

Has your kid ever done this? If so why? Or any other advice I would greatly appreciate

Thank you