Baby Jack arrived Aug 12!!!

On August 12 my fiancé and I got the call! It was time to induce! We rushed out of the house to go meet our son. When we arrived I was immediately hooked up to my iv’s and had my water broke. I was 3 cm 80% effaced. This was at about 11:30 a.m. I hadn’t gotten my epidural yet because for some reason I thought my nurse had told me I needed to wait until my iv was gone🤦🏻‍♀️

Should’ve verified....

After about 2 hours I was in extreme pain from my contractions which by the way were not what I thought they would be. They came in one strong surge then were followed by two more “after shocks” leaving me with very little time in between contractions. When the nurse came back in I was in tears and she said “are you ready for the epidural now”?

Umm YES!

It took about 30 minutes to receive it and in those 30 minutes I was checked again for dilation. In 2 hours I went from 3cm to 6! Then just before I was moved into an upright position on my bed they checked again and I was at a 7😅 the nurses helping were kind of shocked I was talking through the contractions at this point. My words were limited to “can I take a break” and “hold on please” as it hurt like hell being sat up.

Now when they broke my water earlier it gushed it didn’t leak I should mention this now. Anytime I moved or my baby moved I gushed.

So they sat me up and I promise it was not that bad getting the epidural. I was terrified of it but it was okay. I had two more contractions and felt amazing after. So much so I didn’t realize that my heart rate and my babies heart rate was dropping. They had to wiggle me around and put me in all kinds of positions to get my babies heart rate back to normal. I was partially upside down with my legs on a peanut ball for hours but it was okay as long as he was okay. The whole time this is happening my fiancé is running around helping the nurses! He was amazing! As the night went on I had many moments where I felt extremely tired out of no where. I was listening to my babies heart rate and it would drop significantly with each contraction. The nurse came in concerned for him and had to put a wire in me and under a thin layer of skin on his head to monitor his heart more accurately. At this point and time my doctor was notified and informed I was at an 8 and not progressing. What needed up happening was I lost all my water and my baby was basically stuck in place. The nurses were informed to hook an iv up to me that would send fluid back into the womb. This brought his heart rate up just enough. The doctor told the nurses if I didn’t progress in the next two hours to push I would need an emergency c-section. Needless to say being the awesome doctor he was he was in my room to check on things himself within 30 minutes of all of that. I was at a 9. Our heart rates had begun to drop again. We went from let’s play it out to time to push. So yes ladies at 9 cm I pushed for 30 minutes with everything I had to make sure my baby would be okay. My fiancé was counting for me and motivating me while nurses scrambled to set up for a last minute decision. He was at an angle more towards my right side as he was coming out so the doctor had to do his best to direct him with his fingers.

At 11:32 Aug 12th baby Jack was born at 6.9lbs 19 inches!

I didn’t even tear thank god. I was walking a few hours later, I was so relieved, and so in love.

I don’t remember a lot unfortunately do to my heart rate dropping so low (40’s) but my fiancé was by our side the whole time watching everything closely. I’m extremely proud of all of us for what we accomplished.

He’s such an amazing baby and growing more and more each day. My fiancé has him a daddies boy and couldn’t be happier. I feel great myself. I struggle sometimes with the thoughts of “am I doing enough” and “let me hold him awhile longer” but I’m coming around with the love I have from my man. He’s actually taking 5 weeks off of school to ensure I don’t fall down mentally.

At just one week and 3 days old Jack damn near lifts his head up on his own, rolls around, scoots, holds his binky, reaches for my boobs when he’s hungry, and is so alert, smiles like crazy, and playful. His favorite thing is to snuggle. I would not take a second back. He’s worth it all the way.