I feel so lucky & some encouragement for gals who experienced emotional abuse in relationships 🌟

I feel like a lot of girls are super attracted to the guy that I'm dating. We've been exclusively dating for months now and he's literally the sweetest. Extremely emotionally mature and very kind-hearted soul. Like whenever we go on dates, I notice that girls get all blushy, smile a lot, or compliment him if they work at the store/restaurant/etc. I've noticed at least 6+ instances of this. And I feel so lucky to even share the emotional connection that I have with him. I trust him and it feels so good to know that others see his kind-nature too πŸ₯ΊπŸŒΌ


In my previous relationship, my ex was emotionally abusive and controlling according to my counselor. He would repeatedly break up with me because he didn't like when I brought up relationship concerns (like how he talks about a certain girl all the time, or how I notice that he stares at other women). I would always bring up these issues in a sweet and understanding manner, but he would always call me a mean person for bringing this up, blame me for "ruining the night," or blame me for how he wants to break up with me now. Whenever I brought it up, he would either hang up the phone or yell at me in front of his friends and break up. The latest time he broke up, I confronted him about a girl he kept on giving drinks to at a wedding until she blacked out, and he yelled/broke up with me in front of his friends and left me for that girl that night. I will admit that I have posted before many times on the group about this because of the major depression I was experiencing throughout this relationship. I tend to forget traumatic things and forgive, but friends told me to write it down somewhere so I remembered what happened. Now I can forgive, be wise, and not forget. Thank you to everyone who commented with encouragement & advice before, and carried me through my lowest times.

TLDR Background;

After all the misfortunes that I had with my previous emotionally abusive relationship, I feel like I've been so used to hardship that I don't deserve this type of happiness in my current relationship. But if God allows me this happiness, I am thankful and it alone will be a glory to him that these things occur! I really hope that in this relationship, I can honor and serve Christ. I am so grateful that God allowed me to finally meet someone who is a great match for me. Feel so lucky to share special moments with the guy that I am dating!

I hope this is encouraging news for those who suffered from emotionally abusive relationships πŸ’–