So, I have 3 apps that track my period. This app. My Fitbit. A <a href="">period tracker</a>. According to this one my period is 1 day late. According to the other 2 apps I am 3 days late. My other apps are usually dead on, and I’m never late. So I took a first response in a panic, and I got a faint line. Like, it’s not visible in pictures, but I could see a faint PINK line. I freak out and go buy a clear blue test. I chugged some water, waited 20 mins and took it, and it was negative. I’m still freaking out because I feel like I do when I’m pregnant. I have cramping, sore back, and an upset stomach, which could be my period, but it still isn’t here, and it’s been like this for 3 days now. I just needed it vent. I am obviously going to wait and test again in the morning if my period doesn’t come by tonight.