Husband does not want to have sex…

I asked him if he was attracted to me, he said yes. He then asked why. I told him that the reason why I was asking was because we hadn’t had sex in a while. He then told me that he does find me attractive but he would like for us to exercise together. I stayed quiet.

He then followed up and asked “now what”. To which I then told him, that there wasn’t much to say to what he shared with me. I repeated what he meant which was “I am attracted to you but you need to lose weight”. He paused for a few seconds and then went on to tell me that he would like for me to be healthy and for us to be physically active together. I told him that I was healthy and reminded him of the blood work I had done less that 6 months ago. I told him that it wasn’t about health for him, it was about how I looked physically. Long story short, he won’t have sex with me unless I lose weight.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. I feel that a husband should love you and be intimate with you regardless of what you look like 😪. It has been a few days since this conversation and I still feel sad about it. I feel sad because no man has ever made me feel this horrible about myself but him. I have been contemplating a divorce because even if I lose weight, why would I be with a man that loves me and wants to be intimate with conditions? As a woman, this shit hurts. I am so confused. He is an incredible father and a good person but at times he can be a incredibly hurtful to me… is this normal?