I’m Un Sure Who I May Be Pregnant By I need help


Ok So I’m 24 with no kids average cycle length is 28 days . My Period started on March 15-19th but till bleed for 2extra days 20th-21st I had Sex with Someone I was dating (not Bf) from October to March we had sex on March the 20th and I left him alone because how much I would tolerate and almost 2weeks later I seen my long lost child hood friend (BestFriend) went out on the 27th and had intercourses on 28th-29th of March and my ovulation week started on March 28th-April 3rd and today I am 23wks and 1day pregnant. I found out on the the 27th of April I was pregnant and 28th the hospital told me I was 5wks and 6days maybe and I feel so bad…. I need help 😩

O yea my Due supposedly is December 21st but the calculations on first response said 24th of December