TTC and partner smokes

Hi all, we are TTC baby #2

But the thing is my partner is an avid smoker. He used to smoke weed in his teens but quit before we started dating. Ever since then he has smoked cigarettes religiously. A pack a day he is at now :(

It affects a lot in our relationship but I’m so worried it’ll affect us getting pregnant again? We have conceived twice before first pregnancy was a termination as we were too young (pls no judgment) and the second pregnancy is now our almost 3 year old beautiful boy.💙

I just worry so much as we have now decided to try for another and he is still smoking like a chimney. He also complains all the time about joint pain and his sleep is all over the place due to insomnia, he eats badly, oh and he also suffers pretty bad psoriasis!!!

so he’s basically just not in the best health atm. I am trying to remain healthy during this time and change some habits but it seems he isn’t.

I’m wondering can this severally affect our fertility and mean we can’t have any more children :(

It’s only our 3rd cycle TTC so we will see what happens but Just looking for any advice is helpful.