What time do you and your baby officially get out of bed for the day?


Assuming you are not back out to work, what time do you officially get up to start your day without snoozing/cuddling baby if you co-sleep (no judgment)? When and if your baby wakes up super early like 4-6am which is when mine is restless, do you stay awake or do you feed again and then sleep for some more hours?

Edit to add: baby girl is usually officially down for her night sleep anywhere from 830pm-10pm latest (not interested in a rigid schedule right now) and sleeps for a 5 or 6 hour stretch before waking to feed. After that feed she is sometimes restless. My husband snores like he gets paid for it so I struggle to get any real sleep after her night feed and so when he leaves the room at 730am, the last week or two I've been so tired that I nurse baby and we go back to sleep sometimes until 930-10am 🙈. I'm just so exhausted I need the extra..I am not capable of day naps lol. I would ideally like to be up by 8-830, but that just hasn't been working out lately. It's currently 7:47am where I am and baby is up nursing. She got up just after 7am...had a diaper change and shows that she is ready to sleep again soon and so I join her 😬. The problem is that once she is touching me in her sleep, she doesn't want to get up and then neither do I 🤦🏽‍♀️. I'm working on it.