Rent ?

Am I wrong for refusing to pay half of the rent now ? My sister and I live together, we never have problems! When we first moved in we agreed to go half on the rent which has been going great, we both pay in full and on time. She recently moved her boyfriend in with us and i feel like he should also pay rent because he LIVES here too. It’s not right that he gets to live here for free, if I were to move my boyfriend in I would make him pay rent. So In my opinion the rent should be split between 3 people now, since 3 people live here. We also pay for sewer, electric, cable etc. all of which he uses so he should also contribute to those bills too being as though the bills went up because of him. He won’t clean up at all, take the trash out, or even cut the grass ! He also eats the groceries that I pay for but won’t buy more groceries when something runs out. So basically he’s happily living here for free off of my money ! Oh and most importantly HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A JOB ! I know if I say something it will start a problem, should I say something or just move out when I finally find a place ?