Contractions have began 💪 40 + 4!


I was due to be induced at 8am this morning. Baby decided to start contracting on her own about 3pm yesterday afternoon. Had really bad back pain till I had a warm bath last night and then regular period-pain like contractions all night.

Up to hospital this morning. Cervix still unreachable but softening. Regular contractions (about 1 in every 10 mins - sometimes twice) showing on the ctg so we all decided that I should go home and wait to see if things progress naturally as the OB and midwife's are hoping and didn't want to induce due to risk of over stimulating. They're going to check back in on me in a few hours.

So good my body has started to labour on its own! So funny baby waited to day of induction to decide to start the process.😂❤

Hopefully she will be here sometime tonight!