Weight loss and new clothes

I’ve lost a bit of weight, I was around 14st and I’m now 10st 12ish. With that comes the excitement of buying new clothes and finally fitting into the stuff I have always wanted to wear. However we are now going into autumn/winter and I’m looking at having to buy all the knitwear.

The problem I’m having is any time I put on anything that’s slightly baggy or chunky like a jumper, I feel like I’m 14st again. I look in the mirror and all I see is that girl again. I always look at slim girls in these big chunky jumpers and they look great but I just feel huge again.

Anyone experience this issue and if so how did you over come it? I basically feel like I always have to wear tighter clothing so I don’t feel ‘fat’ anymore 😫

Note: I’m 25 and 5 foot 2 so 14st was a lot of weight to be carrying. I use the term fat purely to describe how I felt.